Legendz is a multi-faceted Japanese franchise that has spawned an anime series, manga, video games, a card game, and various toys. Since it is relatively unknown in the English-speaking world, we are pleased to bring you information about this series in English. This site has multiple goals. First, we aim to provide information on all aspects of the Legendz franchise. In addition, we encourage viewers to interact and contribute their thoughts in the forum, Tornado Legion. Finally, we plan to eventually provide some media content, though that will probably be hosted elsewhere.
This site is a collaborative effort among multiple individuals. The current site staff consists of:

: site owner, part-time writer, crappy translator, head of Legendz fansubbing project at Ryuu-Rogue

: staff writer, resident Legendz guru, Legendz-Fan admin, owner of Legendz of SL on SecondLife

Sobek Wanikami
: site layout designer, Legendz-Fan admin
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