- September 25, 2010:
DVD EXTRAS 3 is now available in OMAKE
- February 16, 2010:
EPISODE 50 FINALE is now available in Fansubs
- February 1, 2010:
EPISODE 49 is now available in Fansubs
- January 23, 2010:
EPISODE 48 is now available in Fansubs
- January 12, 2010:
EPISODE 47 is now available in Fansubs
- December 28, 2009:
EPISODE 46 is now available in Fansubs

NOTICE! New Eldania Address!

May 7, 2010

Sorry for the sudden notice, but I just wanted to let ya guys know: Eldania will be changing addresses soon. The eldania.net domain  will not work anymore. For now on, you'll be able to access the site here:


Please update your bookmarks before the change. Thanks!

- nezuccho


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