Since it's probably not feasible for everybody in English-speaking countries to learn Japanese, fans with translating capabilities and some technical knowledge about digital video have gotten together to provide subtitled versions of Legendz and other anime for free on the internet. These digital subs are distributed by various means including direct http and ftp sites, IRC, and Bittorrent. Since they are produced by fans, these digital subtitles are collectively called fansubs. Fansubs of Legendz have been provided by two groups:

Chou-Mendoukusai subbed episodes 1-6 of Legendz. 6 Episodes were released between July 2004 and July 2005. They have dropped the project for unknown reasons.
Ryuu-Rogue picked up Legendz in September 2006 where Chou-Mendoukusai left off. They have released 14 episodes to date (episodes 7-20). Staff members assigned to the project are as follows:

Translators: yuethomas, Shiron (retired), nezucho, onkeikun, Kawaii_Gaara
Timers: Fauxbliss, Dreamkeeper, nezucho
Editors: Splash, Kawaii_Gaara
Quality Checkers: Fauxbliss, Dreamkeeper, nezucho, Splash
Typesetter: nezucho
Karaoke Stylist/Timer: nezucho
Encoder: nezucho
Distro: Splash, nezucho, Gallonigher

Episodes are in avi format and encoded using the XviD codec to provide both high quality video and compatibility with older/slower systems. I have been able to play them on an Intel Pentium II 300mHz with 128mb RAM. The codec can be downloaded at The videos can be played using various media players. I recommend using VLC or Media Player Classic.

DOWNLOADS: Please report dead or broken links to nezucho.
Veoh Page:
No. Episode Title Release Date Download
01. オイラが風を呼んでいた -CALLING IN THE WIND- July 6, 2004 BT
02. 頭の中はカラッ風 -A DRAFT THROUGH MY HEAD- August 24, 2004 BT
03. カニに襲われアワくった -ATTACK OF THE KILLER CRAB- November 28, 2004 BT
04. ワニがワニしてワニとやら -CROCODILE WAIT A WHILE- February 12, 2005 BT
05. 鳥が恋してズッキュンバッキュン! -THE BIRD'S LOVE POTION- April 14, 2005 BT
06. 忍び込んだらどこまでも -ENTER THE GOBLIN- July 6, 2005 BT
07. まいべびべびばらばら -THE NAME OF MY ROSE- January 15, 2007 BT
08. 熱いの熱いの熱いのよ -SOME LIKE IT FIERY- January 15, 2007 BT
09. ネコたらしいヤツ、ムカつくニャン -CATTY PROFESSOR- September 6, 2006 BT
10. 話せば長~い物語 -LONG LONG TIME COMING- January 2, 2007 BT
11. 寿司食って、究極って、イェイイェイ!-AND THERE WAS NO MORE SUSHI- January 7, 2007 BT
12. タコタコハマってさあ大変 -OCTOPUS STRIKES BACK- February 4, 2007 BT
13. 地球の悲鳴が聞こえてた -THE GLOBE'S UNEARTHLY SHRIEKS- March 18, 2007 BT
14. 何でどうしてどうなるの!? -STRANGERS IN THE SIGHT- March 18, 2007 BT
15. 答えは風が知っていた -WHEN THE WIND BLOWS- April 22, 2007 BT
17. 調子の歯車ガッタガタ -LOVE ME OR BELIEVE ME- June 26, 2007 BT
18. ゾンビわんさかベタつき模様 -WHO'S AFRAID OF SLIMY SPECTER?- July 31, 2007 BT
19. 夜をこえたら朝だった -THE SUN ALSO RISES AFTER ALL- August 8, 2007 BT
20. 最初で、最後の、デートです -TAKE ME OUT TO THE SKY- August 15, 2007 BT
21. ねずっちょ、ちゅびるば 橋のはし -OF MICE AND BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER- August 22, 2007 BT
22. GとWでニッコル チュボーン -ALONE AGAIN, UNNATURALLY- October 6, 2007 BT
23. 君と見上げた夜の空 -WHEN YOU WISH UPON A SPARK- December 17, 2007 BT
25. 昔のサーガが出て来ます -IT'S BEEN A LONG, LONG TIME, BUDDY- February 2, 2008 BT
26. 気持ちアチコチスクエア -CAN'T GET THERE FROM HERE IN SQUARE- April 6, 2008 BT
27. ついにここまでやって来た -MY BIG FOOT GEEK WELDING- July 30, 2008 BT
28.  風がはこんだめぐり逢い -ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WIND- August 29, 2008 BT
29. ズジェレと歌おうレジェンズクラブ♪ -A SONG IS BORN IN THE CLUB- September 28, 2008 BT
30. 歴史をかえた愛の歌 -UNTIL IT'S TIME FOR HIM TO GO- October 27, 2008 BT
31.  追いかーけて、飛ばさーれて -CHASERS RUNNERS FLIERS- December 23, 2008 BT
32.  青春、熱血、セレナーデ -STAND TALL BY ME- February 6, 2009 BT
33. ガリオン ガリルレ ガーリック -YET THERE STILL IS THE BLUE PLANET- February 28, 2009 BT
34. モォ~っと3匹ウシが来た! -THREE GROUND BULLS- March 23, 2009 BT
35. ラストのビッカリCEO!-WHEN THE BOSS GOES MARCHING IN- May 15, 2009 BT
36. 父よあなたはえらかった -DAD ON THE RUN- June 2, 2009 BT
37. この空染めたのダレなのさ! -WHO'S RESPONSIBLE FOR PAINTING THE SKY?- June 16, 2009 BT
38. 風がどうにも止まってた -CROUCHING LEADER, HIDDEN DRAGON- June 29, 2009 BT
39. ハルカが来た道もう一度 -THE WAY SHE WAS- August 10, 2009 BT
40. 真っシロンに燃えつきた -WHEN THE WIND STOP BLOWING- August 23, 2009 BT
41. 風が街から消えたとさ -TOWN OF NO WIND- September 19, 2009 BT
42. 風よ、オイラに吹いて来な! -RETURN OF WIND-MAKER- October 23, 2009 BT
43. もう、どーにも止まらない! -WHO WANTS TO STOP THE UNSTOPPABLE?- November 14, 2009 BT
44. 一方その頃、俺たちの旅 -MEANWHILE... ADVENTURE OF FIRED BROTHERS- December 3, 2009 BT
45. 泳いで 飛んで 回って・・・え? -SPLASH, FLIT, TURN AND GO!- December 14, 2009 BT
46. 残された人、よっといで -LEFT BEHIND? FALL IN!- December 25, 2009 BT
47. レジェンズウォーがうぉううぉううぉううぉう -THE LEGENDARY, LONGEST DAY- January 7, 2010 BT
48. 今来たこの道戻りゃんせ -SO IT WASN'T A POINT OF NO RETURN!- January 16, 2010 BT
49. 光のツッコミ入れたろか! -HOLY COW! GOIN' GOIN' GONE!-  January 28, 2010 BT
50. 風と共に去ったとさ -FORGOTTEN BUT NOT TOTALLY GONE [NEW] February 12, 2010 BT