Special Legendz Manga: This is a short comic featured in the September 2004 issue of Shonen Jump. It is entitled "Reborn da yo Shiron-kun." The download (a zip archive) contains scans as well as a rough page-by-page translation. Sound effects are omitted because I have no idea how to translate those. A few lines might be a bit off as well, but at least you have some idea of what's going on. The manga is meant to be read from right to left, top to bottom, so keep that in mind when matching the lines. Eike/Waruccho has put the translation into the scans themselves so you don't have to flip between the translation and scans when you read. They can be found here.

Special Legendz Drama: This is an MP3 rip of a special drama CD included with the same issue of Shonen Jump. It is an extended version of the events of the comic. So, you may choose to listen to it in conjunction with the comic.

Legendz Novel (Chapter 1 Beta)l: A preview translation of Chapter 1 of a Legendz novel featuring a different cast not related to the manga and the anime. Ken Kidman and Meg are attacked by a fire-breathing dog and saved by a mysterious person...

Legendz Doujinshi: A short Legendz comic that was a part of a bigger doujinshi. Art by usagimomonga; Scans provided by snowwolfalpha; Translated by nezuccho

DVD Extras: Concept art from the JP DVD releases.

Volume 1 (Password: shiron)

Volume 2 (Password: shiron)

Volume 3 (Password: shiron)

The opening and ending singles are available for download in mp3 format. If you're looking for other albums such as character songs, this site seems to have them.

Kaze no Legendz (1st OP)/Kyoko
Dounimo Tomaranai (1st ED)/Brenda Vaughn
Dounimo Tomaranai (2st ED)/Linda Yamamoto